Electronic Devices plus Great Shielding-EMC!

Pre-Compliance EMC Testing-Worth the Time!

Electronic Devices plus Great Shielding-EMC!

Electronic Devices plus Great Shielding-EMC!  Electronic devices are great things, making so many tasks easier and more enjoyable for us!  Sadly, they also create EMI and RFI emissions naturally.  Unfortunately, some of these emissions affect other devices working in their shared electromagnetic environment adversely.  Consider the analogy of an office, one employee talks loudly and makes it hard for the other employees to concentrate at their highest level.  The talking employee is an “emitter” of EMI/RFI and the other employees are “susceptible” to these emissions.   Obviously, there must be a way to make the employees work together at their highest level in the office.  Shielding solutions can help both of these employees work at their best level in the same environment.

Electronic Devices plus Great Shielding -EMC.  The “emitter” is wrapped with a shielding material, blocking the emission of the EMI/RFI into the common environment.  Similarly, the “susceptible” device is wrapped in a shielding material, blocking the EMI/RFI from affecting the device’s performance.  Both of the shielding solutions work together, making the shared electromagnetic environment conducive for operating at optimum level.

Electronic Devices plus Great Shielding-EMC!  Ideal shielding materials are conductive, typically metalized textiles or metal foils.  Amazingly, these materials block the passage of EMI/RFI, allowing devices to work together smoothly in a shared electromagnetic environment, which is the real definition of EMC!   Additionally, these materials are lightweight and flexible, which makes them very valuable to the engineers designing devices because our world today loves small, lightweight, and portable devices!   V Technical Textiles, Inc. has the world’s largest standing inventory of conductive metalized textile shielding materials, they’re available in many different ranges of Shielding Effectiveness and different compositions to fit your specific EMC Shielding needs!

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