The Constant Increase of Electronic Devices makes the Shielding Industry Very Important in Achieving EMC!

RFI Interference

The Constant Increase of Electronic Devices makes the Shielding Industry Very Important in Achieving EMC!

We have more electronic devices than ever before in this world, each of them adding to the invisible cloud of E-Smog that surrounds us all.  More of these devices are being developed all of the time, with the development in cellular infrastructure for the 5G and 6G communications systems….yes, I said 6G!!!  That doesn’t include the aerospace and automotive industries as today’s aircrafts and automobiles are essentially controlled and driven with the aid of complex electronic devices and the consumer electronic devices constantly being developed, resulting in an environment severely in need of shielding!  Fortunately, there has been no real link to serious human health issues from RF sources.

Unfortunately, that isn’t the case for the electronic devices.  Electronic components like to work in a harmonious shared electronic environment, meaning that none of the devices or components are putting out ElectroMagnetic Interference (EMI) that interferes with the other components in the device, allowing optimum performance.  Any excessive Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) can drastically affect the performance of the entire system.  That is why all new electronic devices have to meet “Compliance Standards” set forth by the FCC to make sure that all devices will be able to work well together.

In a world where autonomous motor vehicles and drones pilot themselves based on information received and processed by electronic devices, the slightest bit of extra interference in the devices controlling them could have dire consequences for the passengers of those vehicles and people in the area.  The same is true for the AI Devices that work to run a factory or chemical plant, or assist a doctor doing microsurgery on a patient.  With just a little too much interference present, a disaster is a distinct possibility.  The challenges is finding out how to eliminate the EMI and RFI to create the optimum environment for the device to function effectively.

Since the output of this interference is unavoidable in electronic devices, the two main concerns in ElectroMagnetic Compatibility (EMC) are emission of RFI by a device and the susceptibility of the device to RFI in its environment.  Emission is the output of interference by a device that will interfere with the function of the other components in the device, not allowing them to work well with each other, and decreasing the functionality of the entire device.  This problem is usually overcome by the use of various shielding solutions that will surround the component like a blanket and keep the interfering wavelengths from being allowed into the shared electromagnetic environment.

Electromagnetic Susceptibility is the “Achilles Heel” of an electromagnetic component, those electrical signals that, when encountered, will interfere with the performance of the device, making it function improperly or not up to its design specifications.  RFI is to the device like Kryptonite is to Superman and cripples the performance of the component, which makes the whole device suffer in performance.

V Technical Textiles, Inc. is a supplier of conductive textiles for the ElectroMagnetic Compatibility (EMC) marketplace, supplying the largest selection of electrically and thermally conductive textiles in the world.  These lightweight and very thin textiles can shield the susceptible device from the EMI generated by its neighboring devices, making the whole component function optimally.  Likewise, it can surround the device in the system that is emitting RFI/EMI, blocking the emission of the offending wavelengths/frequencies by the device, and allowing the other devices in the component to function together in the way it was designed to.  VTT has a dedicated Applications and a Research and Development team that can provide a shielding solution that’s a perfect fit for your EMI/RF and EMC challenges.  Contact us today!!

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