New Electronic Device? It has to “Play by EMC Rules”!

Pre-Compliance EMC Testing-Powerful Tool!

New Electronic Device? It has to “Play by EMC Rules”!

New Electronic Device?  It has to “Play by EMC Rules”!  Electronic Devices are usually made to make our lives easier.  EMC standards are necessary for devices to work together smoothly.  These standards deal with RF emission, susceptibility, and immunity.  RF emissions are a byproduct of an electrical device.  All electrical devices produce these emissions.  The key is keeping the electromagnetic environment consistent for all devices.  This environment is achieved by insisting each device meets EMC Standards.

New Electronic Device?  It has to “Play by EMC Rules”.  The EMC Standards have to be met in Final Compliance Testing.  EMC Testing Consists of three parts.  Emissions Testing determines if the device emits acceptable levels of RFI.  If it emits excessive RFI, it is an “emitter”.  Emitters can be corrected by applying a shielding solution.  Shielding blocks excessive RFI emission, maintaining it within standard levels.   Susceptibility Testing determines if the device’s performance is adversely affected by acceptable RFI.  If it is, the device is deemed “susceptible”, Shielding will protect the device from the offending RFI, rendering it “immune”.  Immunity Testing monitors the device’s performance in an acceptable RFI environment.  If the device is not adversely affected in a standard environment, the device is “immune”.  In many cases, Shielding Solutions involve metalized conductive textiles.  Metalized conductive textiles are lightweight, flexible, and highly conductive, a design engineer’s dream!

New Electronic Device?  It has to “Play by EMC Rules”!  The best way to get through Final Compliance Testing is to do your own Pre-Compliance testing!  You can do this testing in your own facility.  The tests are done in an RF Shielded Testing Enclosure.  These enclosures provide the ideal low-ambient RF environment for Pre-Compliance testing.  It is best practice to test “early and often” during product development.   This frequent testing approach allows EMC corrections along the way.  Saving time and money by performing your testing in your facility is smart.  In-house testing allows you to develop your device efficiently.  Final Compliance Testing becomes a one-time event!  V Technical Textiles, Inc. is the world leader in portable RF Shielded Testing Enclosures.  Contact us today to find out how to save time and money during product development!

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