Want to Protect Your Server System AND Cut Down on all the “Noise” in the Server Room? Put your Server in a Rack Cover!

Rack Systems protect your Server's Data!

Want to Protect Your Server System AND Cut Down on all the “Noise” in the Server Room? Put your Server in a Rack Cover!

When a company needs to protect its sensitive digital information, they improve their digital security by incorporating firewalls and virus scan programs into their network servers.  This is smart practice by the network administrators, but today’s criminal is always developing new techniques to steal digital information.  By eavesdropping on the wireless signal of the servers, a “digital criminal” can access a company’s most sensitive information.

You store a lot of sensitive information in your Server or Blades.  How are you going to protect that information from being corrupted or, worse yet, stolen?  A rack cover made of our “conductive metalized textiles” will surround your system and block incoming wireless signals and retain all wireless signals generated by the server depending on your needs.  The Rack Cover operates on a principle called the “Faraday Cage Effect” discovered by Michael Faraday in 1836.  Faraday cages distribute the electrical energy over the outside of the cage, shielding the inside from the charges.  Server rooms are “RF noisy” environments, and the noise generated by the servers can also effect the efficiency of other electronic systems in the business environment.  Covering the server with a Rack Cover will lessen the ambient RF noise in the workplace.

The areas of input, output, and even the ventilation system must be able to block the signals as well.  This is where gaskets made of conductive foam or mesh come into play, helping to seal the bulkhead areas where server input and output pass through the rack cover as well as wire cable sleeves that provide shielding to the wires if they aren’t already shielded.

Computer systems generate heat that needs to be vented in order to keep the computers functioning at their best, usually this is accomplished using several fans and honeycomb meshes of metal rotated on an axis so that there is no straight-line possibility of RF signal transmission leaving the rack cover through the honeycomb.  The power to the Server or Blades is provided by a Filtered Power box, ensuring that the power cord is not acting as an antenna to transmit unwanted signals to the server.

We here at V Technical Textiles, Inc. are happy to help you provide protection to your computer rack or server.  Our conductive fabric textiles create an unparalleled shielding effect to protect your server from RFI and intrusion.  They also protect your budget, costing much less than an architecturally shielded server room would and providing the same or better overall protection!  Contact us today and find out how easy it is to provide your data with the protection it deserves!

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