Testing Situations-Prepare for them!

Testing Situations-Prepare for them!

Testing Situations-Prepare for them!

Testing Situations-Prepare for them!  You remember it from school, from the first day of class, you knew that there would be a “Final Test”.  The “Final” would determine whether you would move on to the next level, or whether you would have to repeat the test!  Preparation for the final was very important.  A parallel situation to the “Final Test” exists when developing a new electronic product for marketing.  Commencing with development is the first step for the device toward Final EMC Compliance testing.  The EMC Standards for your device are known before development begins.  How your company proceeds during product development determines how smoothly the Final EMC Compliance testing will go.

Testing Situations-Prepare for them!  Best practice in electronic device development is to prepare for the Final EMC Compliance Test from the first day of development!  This preparation involves Pre-Compliance EMC testing early and often in the development process.  Each critical step should involve testing for an EMC “weak spot” in the design.  If an EMC problem exists, the issue should be mitigated before moving on to the next step in development.  Waiting to perform testing for too many steps can result in the need to “backtrack” through several missteps to correct the issue.  The “four steps forward, three steps backward” approach wastes both time and money in development.  It is far more efficient to move steadily forward, facing each EMC challenge before moving on in development.  Care and constant review logically prepare your device for the “Final”, making it much easier than the previously mentioned method!

Testing Situations-Prepare for them!  Pre-Compliance testing equipment includes an RF Shielded Enclosure to provide a low ambient testing environment.  Additionally, testing equipment to perform and record the test results is necessary.  V Technical Textiles, Inc. is the world’s leader in providing RF Shielded Testing Enclosures.  Contact VTT to discover how Pre-Compliance Testing in your facility can make product development smoother for you!

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