Technical Embroidery-Conductive Yarn “Wires”!

Metalized Conductive Textile Sensors Versatile!

Technical Embroidery-Conductive Yarn “Wires”!

Technical Embroidery-Conductive Yarn “Wires”!  Smart clothing requires durable conductive wires!  I’m asking you to “think outside the box” when it comes to the term “wire”.  In the case of clothing a classic “metal wire” leaves quite a bit to be desired.  It is rigid and doesn’t like the movements of the human body.  Flexing a metal wire leads to stress cracks, and ultimately failure of the wire.  Additionally, metal wires in clothing are not exactly “comfortable” for the wearer, we like our clothing to move comfortably in concert with our movements.  What we need is a conductive material that blends into the fabric.

Technical Embroidery-Conductive Yarn “Wires”!   The answer to our prayers is here, with the advent of highly conductive silver-plated yarns and threads that allow “embroidering” of circuits, sensors, and electrodes into clothing.   Sensors are easily and precisely placed into garments, placing them into ideal position to measure and transmit vital signs to off-site monitoring devices from home.  These sensors do not require annoying and unpredictable adhesive systems to keep them in place.  The fit of the garment ensures proper sensor placement.  Flexible circuits allow easy use of communication devices or call buttons with a touch of the fingers.

Technical Embroidery Embroidered Sensor Garment

Technical Embroidery-Conductive Yarn “Wires”!  Technical Embroidery brings lighted safety clothing to the workplace, making workers much more visible in poor lighting.  Sensors can literally sense “trouble in the air” and alert the wearer and the employer of a dangerous work situation, potentially saving lives.  Of course, Technical Embroidery can also enhance clothing with accent lights, conductive heating, and wireless device connectivity.  Think about using Technical Embroidery in your smart clothing!

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