TPU Wire-a Conductive Yarn “Wire”!

Conductivity, Flexibility, Durability-TPU Yarn!"!

TPU Wire-a Conductive Yarn “Wire”!

TPU Wire-a Conductive Yarn “Wire”!  TPU “Wire” is a silver metalized yarn with Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) coat that acts as an insulator.  Silver is the most conductive element, making it logical to use where conductivity is important.  TPU is important for insulation purposes in low voltage wire systems.  The flexibility of both the yarn and TPU creates a benefit not found in metal wires.  Metal wires are not the best conductors to use when the wire is subject to frequent bending and flexing.  These motions create stress in the metal, leading to metal fatigue and ultimately, the fracture of the wire, requiring its replacement.

TPU Wire-a Conductive Yarn “Wire!  Metal fatigue and fracture are not a problem with TPU Wire.  TPU is extremely flexible and durable, able to protect the yarn from water and short circuits.  The yarn mirrors these qualities, able to withstand many cycles of repetitive movement without worry about fatigue or fracture.  Due to this quality of durability, TPU Wire is finding many uses in smart clothing, as clothing is subject to the constant stress and flexing of the human body, not to mention the stress of washing!

TPU Wire-a Conductive Yarn “Wire”!   Multiple means of connectivity to conductive fabrics, circuit boards, conductor pins or any other conductive surface is now possible.  TPU Wire is capable of transmitting data, power, and low voltage electrical signals to other devices.  Durable excellent connectivity and high conductivity is what TPU Wire is all about!  Whether TPU Wire is used in hobbies, smart clothing, electronics, or medicine the excellent conductivity of silver yarn combined with the Flexibility of TPU is creating many new uses for TPU Wire all of the time.  How will you use it?

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TPU Wire-a Conductive "Wire"!                                                       TPU Wire a Conductive Yarn "Wire"!

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