Conductive Textiles-What are their uses?

Conductive Textiles are used Everywhere

Conductive Textiles-What are their uses?

Conductive Textiles-What are their uses?  Conductive Textiles are often used in “technical applications”.   VTT markets conductive textiles, meaning an electrical current can pass through them.  That current can be a “message”, “data”, or part of a circuit.  Metals are great electrical conductors.  The most conductive metal is Silver, followed by Copper and Gold.  Gold is rarely used in conductive textiles due to its cost.  VTT’s conductive textiles are primarily plated or coated with Silver, Copper, Nickel, and Tin.  Other specialty conductive coatings are used in our textiles for anti-corrosion and protective reasons.

Conductive Textiles-What are their uses?  Conductive textiles can be used as switches, the circuit being activated or deactivated when the contact is made or broken between the conductive textiles.  A great example of this are the sensors in car seats that complete a circuit when a person’s weight is detected and the protective passenger restraints aren’t engaged, alerting the driver with sound and lights that an unsafe situation exists in the vehicle.  Sensors also monitor and record the electrical systems of body, heart, brain, and respiration.

Seat belt Sensor               Conductive Textiles Uses               Conductive Textiles Sensor

Conductive Textiles-What are their uses?  Conductive Textiles are widely used in “Smart Clothing”.  Sensors and “wireless wires” embroidered into clothing with highly conductive yarns enable durable connectivity and create a comfortably worn “wiring system” in gym clothing, business clothing, and hospital garments.  These same textiles can provide resistance heating in car seats, steering wheels, or clothing, by converting electrical energy to heat energy with resistance.

Conductive Textiles ResistanceHeating                     Conductive Textiles ResistanceHeating                  Conductive Textiles Resistance Heating

Conductive Textiles-What are their uses?  Obviously, one can see that there are many uses for conductive textiles!  Often, all it takes is a great idea matched with the proper conductive textile with the correct electrical properties to develop a great new product!

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