Good RF Shielding Equals EMC!

Pre-Compliance EMC Testing-many Benefits!

Good RF Shielding Equals EMC!

Good RF Shielding equals EMC!  All electronic devices produce RF Noise or Electromagnetic Fields.  These Electromagnetic emissions can cause less than optimal device performance.  There are “acceptable standards” of RF emissions allowed to be present in the component.   Some devices are “susceptible” to acceptable RF radiation.  Other devices may emit unacceptable amounts of RF radiation.  The RF radiation of one device can adversely affect the performance of the component.  That is why it is important to test devices early and often for Electromagnetic Compatibility.  The tests examine a device’s RF emissions, susceptibility to RF emissions, and immunity to RF emissions.

Good RF Shielding equals EMC!   Susceptibility of a device to RF radiation within” acceptable standards”, means a shielding solution is indicated.  Think of the shielding solution as RF resistant armor.  The shielding solution “shields/protects” the susceptible device from RF Radiation.  The once susceptible device is now “immune” to RF interference.

Good RF Shielding equals EMC!  Consider a device that is emitting RF Radiation above “acceptable standards”.  A shielding solution is indicated for this device.  Think of this shielding solution as an “RF container”.  This “container” will not allow the unacceptable emissions out of the “emitter”.  The effect  keeping the component environment acceptable to other devices in the component.  I believe you understand the pattern here.  If a device emits unacceptable levels f RF radiation, it must be contained with a shielding solution.  If a device is susceptible to acceptable RF radiation, it must be protected with a shielding solution.

Good RF Shielding equals EMC!  Some of the best shielding materials are conductive textiles.  These materials do not let RF radiation or electromagnetic fields penetrate their boundary.  They are extremely thin, lightweight, and flexible.  These qualities make conductive textiles very popular with the electrical engineers, as electronic components are always being made smaller and lighter.

V Technical Textiles, Inc. has many different conductive textiles with a wide range of Shielding Effectiveness (SE) available for shielding use.  We can even help you design a shielding solution that will work for you.  Please contact us to help find the shielding solution that will give your device EMC! Be sure to register free today to attend the EMC LIVE Wireless/IoT/5G Event on 09/21/2021 at 2:15 EDT to hear VTT General Manager Shawn DeCook present on RF Wave Management.

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