Lubricate Thread-Eliminate Breaks and Snarling!

Lubricate Thread Eliminate Breaks and Snarling

Lubricate Thread-Eliminate Breaks and Snarling!

Lubricate Thread-Eliminate Breaks and Snarling!  Sewing thread is subject to heat buildup, snarling, static and snagging.  These problems are caused by coarse thread causing friction with the needle.  This friction can result in temperatures as high as 350°C/662°F, resulting in the thread melting and breaking.  The final insult to the thread is its trip through the needle’s eye and the fabric, which can also cause filament damage.  Lubrication is important in the reduction of heat in many situations, automobiles, surface to surface abrasion, and sewing.  Snarling of thread can cause the operator of the sewing machine to snarl as well!

Lubricate Thread-Eliminate Breaks and Snarling!  Lubricating the thread also increases the life of the sewing needle and eases the passage of the thread through the thread guides and tension mechanisms.  Much like the oil in an automobile the lubricant benefits the thread and the contacted machinery.  Additionally, the oil helps when sewing with metalized yarns and threads by stopping the shedding of the plated metal, keeping the thread’s conductivity up to technical standard.  There are many lubricants available for use, but the most commonly used thread lubricants often involve silicone.  It is also important to make sure that the end user knows what lubricant is being used, avoiding any unforeseen compatibility problems within the final product.  Due to the silver content of our yarns and threads, we recommend a silicone/Teflon lubricant when using our threads.  We have also used a thread lubricator box occasionally to apply lubricant to our threads while sewing.  Obviously, lubricating thread can make working conditions better for your sewing machine, needle, thread and your employees!  Hopefully, this article’s information and content will make your sewing experience more efficient and smoother!

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