Compliance Test Tension? An RF Shielded Enclosure by V Technical Textiles, Inc. can Ease the Stress!

Compliance Test Tension? An RF Shielded Enclosure by V Technical Textiles, Inc. can Ease the Stress!

We all know that final EMI Compliance Testing can be a tense time.  Time has been invested in development, design, prototyping, and now it is time to find out if your device is compliant with applicable ElectroMagnetic Compliance (EMC) standards.  You drive the three hour trip to the testing site on your appointed day.  Of course, the line has formed and “they’re running a little behind today”, so you wait for your turn.  You hand your device over to the testing lab manager and jump in your vehicle for the ride home and a return appointment scheduled for test results two weeks in the future in hand.

On results day, you make the same three hour drive, hoping all the way to the Test Lab that your device has passed the testing procedures.  The test manager comes out with your device and the report in hand, but he’s shaking his head in the classic “NO” way.  “I’m sorry, you’re going to need to do some mitigation in these areas in order for this device to be compliant” are the words that you hear from him, realizing that the trip back to the plant will seem VERY LONG, but nothing compared to the time that has been lost on the entire project due to this test failure, making it a real rush to meet the projected product launch date and possibly impossible to make that deadline depending on how long it will take to get another appointment for testing.  All of this information meaning that not only has time been wasted, but also a large increase in development cost due to repeat testing has been accrued.  You realize with a sinking heart that all of this stress could all have been avoided.

The way to avoid this testing nightmare is to do your own EMI Pre-Compliance testing in your own facility, along with early mitigation of the areas that the device is not compliant with initially.  This being done should make the Final Compliance Testing at the testing facility a much easier process.  This is all possible with the use of soft sided Portable RF Shielded Testing Enclosures that are fabricated by V Technical Textiles, Inc. using metalized textiles, yielding an ambient free testing environment that is ideal for EMI testing.  These testing enclosures are custom-fabricated for our customers depending on their specific needs.  The beauty of these enclosures is that they are portable and able to be taken down and stored when not in use for testing, saving you valuable square footage in your facility.

These enclosures can be used to run all of the necessary tests in-house at your site, locate potential problems, and allow you to apply necessary shielding solutions to mitigate any problems and re-test to verify that the device is now compliant.  Taking your device to the testing lab won’t be the stressful event that it was previously, as you have prepared your device in advance for success in the testing lab.  You will have saved yourself time of multiple trips to the testing facility and the money that multiple tests would have cost you at the test facility!  Please contact us if you have any questions about our Portable RF Shielded Testing Enclosures!

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