Technical Embroidery-Flexible Conductive “Wires”!

Sensible Sensors-Monitoring Vital Signs!

Technical Embroidery-Flexible Conductive “Wires”!

Technical Embroidery-Flexible Conductive “Wires”!  I think of embroidery as “decoration” of garments.  Logos, names on uniforms, hats, come to mind when I think about embroidery.  The final result is intricate, colorful and adds to the appearance of the embroidered item. Technical embroidery is useful as a way to conduct electricity and data in smart textiles.  Using threads and yarns that are plated with Silver, the most conductive element, embroidery is about function now!  Hospital garments have embroidered electrodes and sensors and wires sewn into them that conduct vital signs to recording devices via phone or wireless methods.  The fitted garment keeps the sensors in proper position better than the adhesives with metal wires ever did.  Using remote monitoring frees up hospital resources while allowing the patient to remain in the comfort at home.

Technical Embroidery-Flexible Conductive “Wires”!  Athletic garments help coaches and trainers monitor the level of metabolic performance an athlete is achieving in workouts and training. and even locate the athlete by GPS.  Technique improves with analysis of the data resulting in tweaking the training, honing the athlete’s skills even further.  Communications devices are able to be built into the garments, for “on the fly” input from the coach.

Technical Embroidery

Technical Embroidery-Flexible Conductive “Wires”!  Smart work garments sense dangerous changes in the work environment, alerting workers to the hazard.  Obviously, lighted or flashing work garments make co-workers and people alert to the presence of personnel.  An emergency call button enhances the garment, summoning help!  Technical embroidery, embroidering “Flexible Wires” into the vest allows a comfortable fitting garment with a durable electrical circuit present to protect workers doing their jobs!  Consider using Technical Embroidery in your smart clothing!

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Technical Embroidery-Flexible Conductive"Wires"!     Technical Embroidery-Flexible Conductive "Wires"!      Technical Embroidery-Flexible Conductive "Wires"!

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