I’m not “Just Spinning you a Yarn”, Shieldex®Yarns and Threads are the Best!

I’m not “Just Spinning you a Yarn”, Shieldex®Yarns and Threads are the Best!

Shieldex Yarns are the most versatile yarns not only due to the anti-static, anti-odor properties, but for their high electrical and thermal conductivity as well.  These silver plated polyamide yarns can be used in the same fashion as non-coated yarns for twisting, warp-knitting, weft-knitting, embroidery, weaving and spinning.  Due to the conductivity of silver, these yarns can be used as a conductor in sensors, for the manufacture of clothing, home textiles, as well as “smart textiles”.  The yarns are available as monofilament, multifilament, and twisted yarns.  Additionally, Highly Conductive (HC) yarns are available as well.

Due to their outstanding tear resistance, our silver coated Shieldex® Twisted Yarns are used most frequently.  The tear resistance makes them particularly favored by our customers in the Smart Textiles sector.  The auto industry benefits in a number of ways by using carpets and fabrics due to the anti-static and electrically conductive properties of our Yarns and Threads.

The polyamide (nylon) gives the yarn strength and elasticity, while the silver offers the following properties:   electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, anti-static properties, and odor inhibition, making the product comfortable to the skin and  also brings the protective benefit of shielding the body from ambient electromagnetic waves that surround each of us every day.  In short, your goal is for your yarns and threads to offer you the same great qualities that your fabric offers you, so use Shieldex Yarns and Threads!  Please contact us for information on our Yarns and Threads or Shop now at our online store!!

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