Require Isolation- RF Curtains work!

RF Shielding Curtains-A Solution for Electromagnetic Interference!

Require Isolation- RF Curtains work!

Require Isolation-RF Curtains work!  When RF Isolation is necessary during an electronic system diagnosis and repair there often isn’t a large enough RF Shielded Enclosure present.  Isolation may be possible by using an array of several RF Shielded Curtains.  This approach facilitates diagnosis and repair in situ, where it originally arose.  There are many situations that require RF isolation.   Warehouses and storage facilities where inventory management involves constant monitoring with RFID.  In order to avoid ” RFID crosstalk” between the different areas, RF Shielded curtains create separate “rooms” in the warehouse.  Similarly, telemetry monitoring in medical facilities use RF shielded curtains to assure secure transfer of vital signs from sensors to the proper monitoring personnel and patient records.

Require Isolation-RF Curtains work!  Government, Military, and Police agencies manufacture RF Shielded Rooms and Command Centers using indoor and outdoor RF Shielded Curtains.  Special coatings of the conductive fabrics that make up these curtains protect the curtains from damage by weather, wind, puncture, and UV.  RF Shielded Curtains are also useful in dividing existing large RF Shielded enclosures into several “RF Separate” areas, increasing the space available for testing.  We live in a world with an ever-increasing RF footprint.  RFI and EMI waves emanate from the many electronic devices that surround us daily.  The sources include:  Wi-Fi, computers, microwaves, cell phones and televisions.  Natural sources of RF radiation Solar Flares, the Auroras, and the earth itself!  Though there has been no real scientific link between RF radiation and systemic diseases, many people are creating Low RF bedrooms and other Low RF areas in their homes using RF shielding curtains to decrease their general exposure to RF waves.  What uses can you find for RF Shielded curtains?

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