Which Enclosure is Right for My Business?

Shielded Enclosure

Which Enclosure is Right for My Business?

Choosing the correct enclosure for your business depends on several factors:

  1.  The size of the product(s) that is/are being tested.
  2.  The types of tests and the tolerances/specifications required to do the testing  properly.
  3.  The features that are required for access, ventilation, power, the “bells and whistles” that suit your individual needs.

The enclosure has to be large enough in size to accommodate the items being tested,  the instrumentation used to perform the testing, along with the number of personnel involve in performing the testing that is required.  Small enclosures work for the smaller electronic items, while larger ones are required for larger items.  We can custom design the sizes of our enclosures to meet any size, from very small benchtop models to the size of a gymnasium and beyond.

The tolerances that are being tested are also important, as each series of enclosure has a range of shielding that it works within, depending on how exacting the testing standard are.  We have several series of enclosures based on the testing tolerances needed:

  •  The 8000 T Series has triple layer construction and offers 95dB of shielding from 30 MHz to 18 GHz.
  • The 8000 Series has two layer construction and offers 85dB of shielding from 30MHz to 18 GHz
  •  The 7000 Series has two layer construction and offers 65 dB of shielding from 30MHz to 18 GHz
  •  The 6000 Series has single layer construction and offers 50 dB shielding from 30 MHz  to 18GHz

All enclosures include a standard entry door and one cable sleeve.  Options include, but are not limited to:

  • Entry Foyer
  • Internal Curtains and Walls
  • Bulkheads (Permanent and Removable)
  • Honeycomb Ventilation
  •  Filters
  • Acoustical Shielding
  • Connections (Ethernet, USB, Fiberoptic, Power Inputs, I/O Configurations, BNC or SMA Mounted Feed-Through Wireless Antennas
  • Many Types of Easy Up Frames

In short, the right enclosure for your business is the one that YOU design with the help of our experienced staff.  We’re not saying that we’ve seen or done everything, but we can design and implement the RIGHT enclosure to fit your needs!  Call today to discuss YOUR enclosure!!

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