Proper RFI Management is Crucial, Wireless, the Internet of Things, and 5G depend on It!

RFI Interference

Proper RFI Management is Crucial, Wireless, the Internet of Things, and 5G depend on It!

Proper RFI Management is Crucial, Wireless, the Internet of Things (IOT) and 5G depend on it!

Proper RFI Management is Crucial, Wireless, the IoT, and 5G depend on it.  All three of the above-mentioned systems operate in an RFI filled environment.  Due to the increase of the number of devices, there is more RFI in our environment than ever before.  Every electronic device emits RFI, the trick is to control it.  Think of the environment as an office full workers.  As long as the people work quietly and efficiently, everything is good.  People get their work done, deadlines are met, the office functions.  If you add a noisy worker or two, the others can’t concentrate.  Work quality suffers, the smooth operation becomes rough.  The whole office productivity suffers due to the interference of a few. Think of the office as an electronic device with many electrical components.  Think of the RFI as the noise in the office.  It only takes a few “RF Noisy” components to ruin the performance of the device.  What was once a smooth runny machine, becomes unable to perform at its best.

Proper RFI Management is Crucial.  Again, using the example of the electronic device being the office we see how important it is that all the employees are compliant with office rules!  The device must also have enforceable component standards.  An employee can’t disrupt the “quiet” office environment.  The “noisy employee” becomes an “RFI emitter” in this scenario.  The employee might have to wear a gag in order to stop disruption.  Think of the gag as an “RF Shielding Solution” to stop unwanted emissions.

Proper RFI Management is Crucial.  It might be possible for the other employees to wear earplugs, stopping interference.  Think of the earplugs as an “RF Shielding Solution”, making the other employees “immune” to the noisy employee.  This allows the office staff to be compatible and work smoothly together.

Proper RFI Management is Crucial.  There are enforceable standards for all electronic devices and components to insure that device will function smoothly in daily use.  In reality, components of devices are tested early and often during  development for emission, susceptibility, and immunity.  This assures that ALL device components are ElectroMagnetically Compatible (EMC).

V Technical Textiles, Inc. is all about managing RF Interference.  We fabricate RF Shielded Enclosures, used for Pre Compliance EMC Testing and offer Shielding Solutions using our conductive metalized textiles to help mitigate compliance issues!  Please Register to attend the FREE EMC LIVE Wireless/IoT/5G Event to hear VTT’s General Manager, Shawn DeCook, present on VTT’s function in these RF based environments!

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