EMC Testing-try Pre-Compliance Testing!

Pre-Compliance EMC Testing-many Benefits!

EMC Testing-try Pre-Compliance Testing!

EMC Testing-try Pre-Compliance Testing!  As the new year approaches, new product introduction will increase.  Every new electronic device must pass a Final EMC Compliance test.  You shudder to think of scheduling testing, long waits for appointments, long trips to the testing center, and big testing fees!  It’s great when you pass the test the first time but having to retake the test is a nightmare!  This year, make a change in your “usual cycle”!  Try Pre-Compliance Testing in your own facility stepwise during new product development.  No scheduling and appointment, no road trips, and quite possibly passing the Final EMC Compliance test on the first try!

EMC Testing-try Pre-Compliance Testing!  The requirement is a low-ambient testing chamber to limit emissions to the Device Under Testing (DUT).  An ideal testing environment is an RF Shielded EMC Testing Enclosure, fabricated using conductive metalized textiles.  The beauty of these chambers is that they are lightweight, portable, and can be taken down and stored when not in use for testing, giving you back valuable floor space for other tasks!  V Technical Textiles, Inc. custom fabricates these Enclosures to the specific testing needs of our customers.  Enclosures are available for purchase or lease, and many customers buy them.

EMC Testing-try Pre-Compliance Testing!  Additional equipment is necessary to perform Pre-Compliance Testing.  Minimal requirements include a real time Spectrum Analyzer, Preamplifier, Antenna Tripod, cables, and a turntable are.  This equipment is available for purchase or lease.  Performing Pre-Compliance testing in your facility and on your schedule, makes the process simple.  Testing during development allows identification and correction of EMC issues BEFORE they become an overwhelming nightmare!  Call us to find out how Pre-Compliance EMC testing can work for you!

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EMC Testing-try Pre-Compliance Testing!                  EMC Testing-try Pre-Compliance Testing1                 EMC Testing-try Pre-Compliance Testing!

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