EMC Test Enclosures make Pre-Compliance Testing Easy!

Pre-Compliance EMC Testing during Product Development-Crucial!

EMC Test Enclosures make Pre-Compliance Testing Easy!

EMC Test Enclosures make Pre-Compliance testing easy!  Manufacturers of electronic components know the importance of pre-compliance testing.  Their components must function smoothly together with many other components simultaneously.  The emission testing checks for RF emissions from the component.  There are strict standards for the level of RF emissions that components are allowed to produce.  Combine this with susceptibility testing, which is done to confirm that the component will be able function flawlessly in the presence of ambient RF levels that will be present in during the daily operation of the device.  The result is a difficult battery of tests that the new device must pass before it can be marketed.

EMC Test Enclosures make pre-compliance testing easy.  RF EMI Shielded Test enclosures are designed as “Faraday Cages”, made of conductive textiles, creating an “ambient free” environment within the confines of the EMC Test Enclosure.  The emission test involves operating the Device Under Testing (DUT) inside RF Shielded Enclosure the and its RF emissions being analyzed.  If the emissions contain frequencies outside of allowed values, shielding solutions must be applied to “mitigate” these emissions, until the DUT conforms with allowed emission levels.

The susceptibility test involves the DUT being operated in the EMC Test Enclosure and being subjected to RF radiation to determine the effect of the RF on the device.  If the function of the device is adversely affected, an RF shielding solution must be engineered for the device, allowing it to function up to spec.

EMC Test Enclosures make pre-compliance testing easy.  The device can be tested and corrected during its development at your own facility, saving money and time of transporting the device to a testing center.  Testing your devices during development helps to make the Final Compliance Testing pretty much a “one and done” event that your device has been well prepared for throughout its development.

The beauty of the RF Shielded Enclosures constructed using lightweight conductive fabrics is that they are portable,  able to be assembled and disassembled in about an hour, and stored until they are needed again, allowing you the use of valuable floor space when you’re not doing testing!  Though our RF Enclosures can come in standard sizes, most of our enclosures are custom designed to the specific needs of our customer, ranging from very small to very large.  Contact us today to find out how VTT’s EMC Testing Enclosures can make Pre-Compliance Testing easy for you!!

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