Want to Keep your Servers Free from Unwanted Intrusion? Put them in an RF Shielded Rack Enclosure!

Digital Privacy Rack Cover

Want to Keep your Servers Free from Unwanted Intrusion? Put them in an RF Shielded Rack Enclosure!

A business stores a lot of valuable and sensitive information on its servers, hopefully, they also have firewalls and antivirus/antimalware software in place to prevent hacking the system through the internet connection.  An offsite encrypted backup also helps to take away some of the risk of a ransomware attack.  Improving digital security is part of the never ending chess game between today’s digital criminal and computer security developers.  One new way of accessing a company’s most sensitive information is by eavesdropping on the wireless signals emitted by the servers, resulting in corruption of the information, or having that information stolen, opening the door to loss of business, but worse yet, releasing your client’s information, leaving you subject to litigation by your customers for allowing their information to be leaked.

One answer to this problem is to place your computer rack inside a Rack Cover made of our metalized conductive fabrics, creating a Faraday Cage Effect, first noted in 1836 by Michael Faraday, by surrounding your system and blocking both incoming and outgoing wireless signals generated by your server according to your needs.  The metalized conductive fabrics distribute energy over the outside of the Rack Cover, shielding the inside of the cage from the charges on the outside.  The Rack Cover will also keep the noise from the server inside its confines, making the server room and entire office environment have less ambient RF Noise.


The areas for input, output, and ventilation must be RF Shielded as well to keep ambient and wireless signals from interfering with normal system operations.  This is accomplished with the use of gaskets made of conductive foam or with conductive mesh surrounding the bulkhead connections where the server input and output cables enter the enclosure enclosed in a shielded cable sleeve to be attached to the server, allowing for normal operation of the server.

All power to the server is provided by “clean power” from a power filter box, entering the Rack Cover through a shielded cable sleeve, which ensures that the power cable does not become an “antenna”, capable of bringing unwanted RF signals into the Rack Cover.

Remember, servers and computers generate heat which must be reduced for optimum function.  This is accomplished with the use of copper mesh for the ventilation system and intake and exhaust fans to dissipate the amount of heat that the server produces, allowing the servers to perform at their optimum level.

These Rack Covers are available in a number of sizes and configurations to fit your needs, see our Rack Cover Catalog for initial information, but realize that many of our products are custom made to our customer’s needs and specifications.  A family member of these Rack Covers are our RF and EMI Shielding Faraday Pouches and bags.  They use the same metalized conductive fabrics that the Rack Covers are made of and are capable of providing the same protection for your smaller wireless devices, your laptop, tablet, and telephones can be secured while they are “in the bag”.  Please contact us with your questions regarding this method of protecting your digital information!

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Rack System showing Copper Vents, Ventilation Fan, Bulkhead for Connections, and Power Filter Box

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