VTT Helps during “Testing Times”!

Pre-Compliance EMC Testing-many Benefits!

VTT Helps during “Testing Times”!

VTT Helps during “Testing Times”!  We all go through “Testing Times” in our lives.  In the electronic business, we think of product development as a very important “testing time”.  New electronic devices must undergo and pass Final Compliance Testing prior to marketing.  VTT believes that the most important testing is Pre-Compliance EMC Testing.  Performing EMC testing early and often during development allows you the luxury of building EMC into your device during a step-by-step development process.  Correcting EMC issues during development is much easier and less expensive than having to “go back to the drawing board” when your product doesn’t pass EMC Final Compliance testing at a registered testing center.  Correcting potential EMC issues BEFORE they become issues is the way to go!

VTT Helps during "Testing Times"!

VTT Helps during “Testing Times”!  Pre-Compliance Testing consists of testing your product for emission of RFI and for susceptibility to RFI.  All electronic devices emit RFI, but each product type has a standard limit of Emissions that must be at or below the acceptable limit.  On the other hand, devices must be able to tolerate RFI at or below the acceptable limit with no decrease in performance.   RF Shielded Testing Enclosures provide the low ambient level of interference necessary for EMC Pre-Compliance testing.  RF Shielded Enclosures are built using conductive textiles, creating a Faraday Cage, which blocks electromagnetic radiation from entering the chamber.  If the device emits RFI above the EMC standard alteration of the device to bring it to acceptable standards is necessary.

VTT Helps during “Testing Times”!  Development time decreases with the use of Pre-Compliance EMC Testing and also increases the probability of passing Final EMC Compliance Testing on the first attempt.  Try using it in your business!

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Smart Development includes Pre-Compliance Testing!             VTT Helps during "Testing Times"       VTT Helps during "Testing Times"!

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