Global Reach and Innovation-two Great Assets!

Non-Woven Conductive Textiles-Very Useful!

Global Reach and Innovation-two Great Assets!

Global Reach and Innovation-two Great Assets!  During these tough economic times, we have been very fortunate.  The supply chain has broken and is difficult to repair.  VTT and our European partner, Shieldex, have excellent global reach.  Our two locations, Germany and the USA, make shipping easier.  Both of our locations have large standing inventories in stock.  We manufacture many of the products that we sell.  We have been fortunate to find suppliers of raw goods. This has helped us to overcome supply chain issues.  Our products are used all over the world.  One of our facilities is always closer to the customer.   The shipping logistics aren’t always easy, but we can’t complain.

Global Reach and Innovation-two Great Assets!  Conductive metalized textiles are truly unique products.  Their individual characteristics make them necessary in many fields.  These fields include automotive, aerospace, electronics, and medicine.  There are many different metalized textiles available.  Most of them have been developed by our Research and Development Team.  Our Team consists of the world’s top material engineers and chemists.  Customers bring us the specs of the product they need.  In this technical field, customer needs drive the product design.  Our innovative team contracts to custom design and produce the textile.  A new textile is created!  This can include different metals plated to the textile.   The different metals plated give the textile different electrical and thermal characteristics.  Other metals can also help in making the textile corrosion resistant.  Different textiles affect the weight, flexibility and adaptability of the textile.

Global Reach and Innovation-two Great Assets!  We’ve discussed several advantages of doing business with Shieldex and VTT.  We have Global Reach, allowing us to “deliver the goods”.   We are always improving and developing conductive metalized textiles.  Our R&D Team is expert in developing innovative new textiles.  If you need a textile with specific conductive properties, contact us!

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