A SCIF Stops Eavesdropping!

SCIF stops Eavesdropping

A SCIF Stops Eavesdropping!

A SCIF Stops Eavesdropping!

A SCIF Stops Eavesdropping!  What is a SCIF?  A SCIF (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility) is a system that completely prevents outside surveillance, spying or eavesdropping.  SCIFs allow sensitive information to be viewed and discussed securely.  You may think that this condition exists behind closed doors.  Not so!  Ask any criminal spending time in prison due to legal eavesdropping about it!  Legal and illegal eavesdropping often involve sophisticated microphones that transmit conversations.  These sensitive conversations are transmitted by electromagnetic waves to receivers.  After that happens, everyone is in on the conversation!  The microphones don’t even need to be in the same room as the people!  There are sound wave amplifiers available that can “hear” the conversation by the vibrations the conversation makes on the windows of the room!  SCIFs were invented for use by world leaders and the military to keep important information “compartmented”.  SCIFs can be permanent or temporary facilities, small or large, in the air, or on a ship.  The Capitol Building has numerous SCIFs.  There are “portable SCIFs” used by police and military groups.  The most famous SCIF is in the White House Situation Room.  The second most famous SCIF was probably the CONE OF SILENCE on the 1960’s Sitcom “Get Smart” in the 1960s!

How is a SCIF made?

A SCIF Stops Eavesdropping.  Office of the Director of National Intelligence lays out strict guidelines for the technical aspects and security of a SCIF.  The rules have specific standards for ALL components of a SCIF, including the armed guards.  This includes the doors, windows, and sound deafening materials used.  Sometimes, distracting noise is played near the walls, floor and ceiling to help cancel out the conversation inside. An effort is made to minimize or eliminate windows in a SCIF.  There must be acoustic protection in the facility.  The walls should have metalized walls (metal sheets or conductive textiles) ceilings, and floors to stop outbound and inbound of RF Waves.  No Personal Electronic Devices (PEDs) are allowed in a SCIF.  The SCIF is under passive 24/7 detection of wireless devices.  Construction of governmental SCIFs is limited to U. S. firms and citizens according to the Director of National Intelligence guideline.

Can I get a SCIF?

A SCIF Stops Eavesdropping.  A room to prevent electronic eavesdropping can be constructed in almost any home or business.  It involves architectural shielding using conductive textiles, sound dampening, ventilation, and other modifications.  It may not be a “Presidential SCIF” with armed guards, but it should serve your purpose perfectly!  Contact us to see how to protect your home and business from eavesdropping!

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Soft Sided SCIF               Capitol SCIF              Permanent SCIF

Soft Sided SCIF                                                              Capitol SCIF                                             Permanent SCIF

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