What is Braided Tube, What is Braided Tube used for?

Monofil Braided Tube

What is Braided Tube, What is Braided Tube used for?

What is Monofil Braided Tube?

Shieldex® Monofil Braided Tube is essentially a “sleeve” used to enclose data cables.  Data lines are fed through this flexible sleeve, made of woven individual Polyamide threads, with each thread having been individually coated with silver, which helps to protect them from severe kinks, bends, and abrasion.

This lightweight flexible sleeve also provides a protected “electronically shielded environment” for the data cables and the information that is carried through them.  This “silver braided cable sleeve” is used to protect the sensitive data and communications carried by these cables.  The cables transmit electronic data at extreme speeds and frequencies.  Often, this data is highly sensitive intellectual property, not meant to be shared with others.  In order to keep the data from being released, tapped, garbled, or intercepted, it must be protected from BOTH the electromagnetic fields that can garble it AND the the hackers and criminal interests that will try to steal it for their own useThe shielding protection comes from silver, one of the best known RF shielding materials.  The silver tube prevents data corruption by shielding the data cables from nearby electromagnetic fields.  Better still, RF shielding effect of the silver can help prevent theft by “electronic eavesdropping”.

The presence of nearly pure silver makes Monofil Braided Tube a better choice than other metal sleeves such as stainless steel, primarily due to the excellent RF shielding capabilities of silver mentioned above, in addition to its being less abrasive to the cables and higher flexibility.  As in ANY shielding application, the engineers will be happy with the light weight of this cable sleeve!

If you are interested in Shieldex® Monofil Conductive Braided Tube, or any additional shielding solutions to help you to keep the “electronic noise” down in your server room, please feel free to give us a call and we can help you control your interference issues with our diverse shielding solutions!

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