Silver is the Best Thermal Conductive Element, Creating Comfort!

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Silver is the Best Thermal Conductive Element, Creating Comfort!

Silver is the best thermal conductive element, creating comfort!  Silver’s thermal conductivity accounts for a great benefit provided by fabrics that are made with silver containing yarns and fabrics.  This property is measured in Watts per meter per degree Kelvin, W/M°K.  The high thermal conductivity of Silver is due to its electron configuration!  Silver’s electrons are are “loosely held” due to its low nuclear charge.  This allows them to move more easily, resulting in efficient energy transfer.  The energy transferred is energy in the form of heat.

The simpler the molecular structure is, the better the thermal conduction is.  The best thermally conductive material is the diamond, with a recurrent structure of carbon atoms, which is even simpler in structure than silver.  Silver stands alone at the top of the thermally conductive elements list, with only Copper and Gold close to it in this property.  The problem with copper and gold is the high cost of these metals relative to the lower cost of silver when considering things from a materials cost standpoint.

One of the great things about clothing made with thermally conductive silver yarns, fabrics, and threads is the elimination of hotspots and cold spots in these garments.  The high thermal conductivity of silver “evens out” the temperatures of these spots by conducting the warmth from the hotspots across the surface area of the garments, creating an evenly balanced temperature of the garment, giving the wearer a feeling of general wellbeing.  Imagine the comfort of using sheets, blankets, and comforters made with these metalized fabrics, making sleeping or relaxing using them very comfortable and cozy!  For the creative DIY (Do It Yourselfer), these great fabrics and yarns are available for purchase at the same site as the finished goods!

Another great benefit of Silver being the best thermal conductive element creating comfort lies in the area of “Smart Clothing”.  Silverized textiles or conductors  could be used as  areas of “resistance heating” to allow clothing to provide electrical resistance heat in the areas that need to be warmed.  If you’re looking for clothes that are soft and comfortable against your skin, try clothing that is created using silver containing fabrics and yarns!

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