RF Interference-Controlled by Shielding!

Shielding RF/EMI

RF Interference-Controlled by Shielding!

RF Interference-Controlled by Shielding!  RF Interference (RFI) and Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) can wreak havoc with the function of electronic devices.  In our wireless world, the amount of RF radiation present in our environment is always increasing.  Add the man-made RF radiation to the natural forms of RFI and EMI such as snow, rain and electrical storms, solar flares, and the auroras and there’s a whole lot of radiation going on around here!  Three things cause an interference problem, a “noise source”, a receiving device affected by the noise, and a “coupling channel” between the source and receiver.

RF Interference-Controlled by Shielding!  There are three ways to stop RFI and EMI, essentially versions of the same solution.  Grounding, Filtering, and Shielding will stop RFI/EMI from interfering with electronic devices.  Grounding is diverting the interference to the earth, stopping interference with the device’s performance.  Filtering is blocking the specific wavelengths of RFI and EMI that adversely affect the device’s performance.  RFI/EMI Shielding is blocking the access of RFI and EMI to the device, essentially wrapping the device to protect it from contact with the RFI and EMI.  Shielding can also be used to stop the emission of the offensive RFI and EMI from a “noise source”.

RF Interference-Controlled by Shielding!  Conductive metalized textiles are excellent shielding materials.  They are also very attractive to engineers due to their light weight and flexibility, traits that are very attractive in designing smaller and lighter devices popular in today’s world. The excellent Shielding Effectiveness that metalized textiles offer is also necessary to protect the functions of the critical and crucial electronic devices used in the aerospace and automotive markets.  Metalized textiles are excellent Shielding materials that provide outstanding RFI/EMI shielding solutions!

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