Digital Device Security-RF Shielded Pouches!

RF Shielded Bags-Protection and Security!

Digital Device Security-RF Shielded Pouches!

Digital Device Security-RF Shielded Pouches!  Our digital devices are wonderful, they allow us easy access to our private information all the time!  We don’t leave home without them, and always have them nearby.  Unfortunately, this private information is also accessible by nefarious others.  In today’s world, there are people who make a living by illegally wirelessly accessing personal digital devices.  They access the information using unsecure Wi-Fi connections such as internet cafes or guest connections in restaurants and hotels.  It is possible to stop your device from access by putting it in an RF Shielded Pouch.

Digital Device Security-RF Shielded Pouches!  RF shielded pouches are fabricated using lightweight conductive metalized textilesRF Shielded Pouches do not allow electromagnetic radiation to enter the confines of the pouch with a continuous layer of conductive material or a mesh with holes smaller than the wavelength of the radiation.  The science behind this was discovered by Michael Faraday in 1836.  The beauty of these pouches is that they are lightweight, effective in blocking RF radiation from entering the pouch, and stylishly protect your devices from hackers.  RF Shielded Pouches also provide you with privacy, as the location of your device is impossible when the device is secure in the pouch.

Digital Device Security-RF Shielded Pouches!  Police and Government Authorities are well aware of the need for RF Shielded Pouches.  Police must secure computers and telephones seized as potential evidence in criminal cases.  These “secure evidence pouches” prevent electronic tampering or destruction of criminal evidence contained in these devices.   RF Shielded Pouches are available in many sizes ranging from cell phones, tablets, laptops, and custom sizes to protect your devices.  Contact us for more information on these excellent security solutions!

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