Privacy and Protection-RFI/EMI Home Shielding!

Personal/Home Shielding reduces EMI Exposure!

Privacy and Protection-RFI/EMI Home Shielding!

Privacy and Protection-RFI/EMI Home Shielding!  RF Shielding offers protection from RF/EMI exposure.  We live in a wireless environment, using RF to send and receive messages, communicate via cell phone, and make financial transactions.  Though the long-term health effects of exposure to RF/EMI radiation haven’t been exactly defined, there is true concern that they exist.  Electromagnetic HyperSensitivity (EHS) is a self-reported condition that hasn’t been proven by science.  It consists of nervous system symptoms such as headache, fatigue, sleep disturbances, skin symptoms of prickling, rashes, among others.   Though science hasn’t proven a correlation, there are many people who would like to decrease their exposure to RF/EMI radiation.

               Personal/Home Shielding reduces EMI Exposure                  Personal/Home Shielding reduces EMI Exposure!           

Privacy and Protection-RFI/EMI Home Shielding!  RF Shielded curtains/wallpaper are among the forms of architectural shielding used to decrease RF radiation in homes.  In many cases, hanging these curtains over windows, covering the ceiling or making a canopy over the bed have created significant decrease in RF Exposure.  RF Shielded Curtains/wallpaper can also make communication secure by blocking electronic eavesdropping.  This shielding effect will not make the home completely free of RF.  Appliances such as microwave ovens, cordless phones (including cell phones), hair dryers, and local WiFi networks all emit RF radiation.  It is truly impossible to eliminate all sources of RF radiation and still have the conveniences that are a part of “normal life” today!

Privacy and Protection-RFI/EMI Home Shielding!  You will be unable to remove all sources of RF/EMI Radiation from your life, as there is always a natural background level of radiation present in our environment.  However, it is possible to significantly “shield yourself” using RF Shielded Curtains, conductive wallpaper and RF Shielded Garments to decrease the level of RFI/EMI in your home.

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