Flame Retardant Conductive Fabrics-Coming Soon!

Flame Retardant Conductive Fabrics-Coming Soon!

Flame Retardant Conductive Fabrics-Coming Soon!

Flame Retardant Conductive Fabrics-Coming soon!  Many of our customers come to us looking for flame retardant metalized Fabrics.  Fire requires three things:  Heat, Fuel, and Oxygen.  Electronic devices are frequently a cause of fires, as they often supply all three requirements for fire.  Applying a flame retardant coating to these devices may reduce the chance of a fire. This item has been on the “wish list” in many fields, including automotive, aerospace, construction, and medical.  Metalized fabrics are lightweight, thin and very subject to catching on fire.  The major difficulty is finding a coating material or base material that will maintain the conductive properties of the metalized fabric, but resists flaming, truly a tough order to fill.  Our Research and Development team has been developing this product for several years and has a solution!

Flame Retardant Conductive Fabrics-Coming soon!  Flame retardant materials generally contain halogens, with bromine being the most effective flame retardant.   Bromine has excellent flame-retardant properties but causes a host of health issues, such as neurological problems, various cancers, and infertility.  The halogens are also persistent, meaning they don’t break down, but rather accumulate.  Several non-halogenated flame retardants do exist.  Compounds containing nitrogen and phosphorus are under investigation as possible solutions.  These compounds release free radicals that decrease oxygen, which is necessary for fire.  The decrease in oxygen allows a “char” layer to form, forming a barrier/insulating layer, stopping combustion.

Flame Retardant Conductive Fabrics-Coming soon.  The journey to create a Flame Retardant Conductive fabric has been a long one!  Currently, VTT and Shieldex have two fabrics, Shieldex® Bremen NT and Shieldex® Nora Dell NT, that are qualified solutions to this longtime puzzle. Watch and listen for more NT fabrics coming soon!

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  Flame Retardant Conductive Fabric-Coming Soon!     Flame Retardant Conductive Fabric-Coming Soon!    Flame Retardant Conductive Fabric-Coming Soon!

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