COVID-19 is NOT Finished with Us yet, Please Keep Your Masks and Your Distance!!

COVID-19 is NOT Finished with Us yet, Please Keep Your Masks and Your Distance!!

Many people are worried that the “second wave” of  COVID-19 has arrived with summer.  I tend to agree with Dr. Anthony Fauci, who has stated “we are still in the first wave of COVID-19″.  People just got tired of making the effort that is necessary to keep the rate of the infection down to manageable levels for our medical system and assumed that “this crisis is over”.   I believe that COVID-19 is going to take our country to “Summer School” as we didn’t learn our “new life lessons” well enough from the initial outbreak.

Due to the social distancing, face mask use, and a keener sense of sanitation that we practiced early in the outbreak, we “flattened the curve” of  new  infections temporarily.  What we didn’t realize is that most of the population has NOT been infected by or exposed to this virus by any means.  COVID-19 is very good at what it does, which is infecting people.  We have not yet done the one thing that will stop COVID-19 from infecting people, which is develop a working vaccination.  The vaccination will likely be developed by the end of this year or early next year.  Given the tendency of much of our population to resist vaccinations for deadly diseases (measles, polio, tetanus, the flu, etc.) and “not let anyone tell them what to do because they know better than all of the eggheads” what is good for them, “COVID-19 Summer School” may well last through the Summer, into the Fall and teach the world, our people, and the economy, a very painful lesson we should have learned earlier.

Some of the states, including New York State and many others, took a very hard hit from COVID-19 at the onset of the Pandemic.  New York’s Governor, Andrew Cuomo, endured a lot of criticism for both his very strict enforcement of and VERY GRADUAL relaxation of social distancing and mask wearing during the crisis.  Last week, the statistics were able to state that New York was once the hardest hit state in the country, but now, due to Governor Cuomo’s “Iron Hand” insistence on a strict “reopening protocol” is now the state with the lowest number of new cases.  All of that will soon be tested aggressively as New York City, with the highest population density and therefore the hardest area to maintain social distancing, begins to gradually reopen in earnest.

The rampant breakdown of social distancing and masking in the last few weeks as many states leapt blindly into reopening with no logical reopening plan in place, combined with many mass gatherings at beaches, protests, rallies, and other activities with little or no sign of face masks or social distancing, has resulted in sudden increase in the number of new cases of COVID-19 in many areas of the country.  These new cases are mainly among the young, who are more resistant to the idea of social distancing and mask wearing and the feeling of invulnerability that is a trademark of  youth.  This uptick in new cases could well be a poor omen for the reopening of schools that I have mentioned in previous posts, making it harder for many parents to go back to work unless day care centers are able to be safely open to care for their children.

We, as a country, need to analyze the gravity of the situation at this point, act appropriately, and do it soon.  This virus still has the potential to do more damage than it did when it first arrived on our shores.  Our people, our workplaces, and our economy depend greatly on an intelligent rather than an emotional response to dealing with this virus NOW.

In Summary:

  • Social Distancing-maintain the recommended six foot distance from people you don’t live with.
  • Wear a Mask-especially when social distancing isn’t possible, it NEVER HURTS to protect yourself and others!
  • Wash your Hands- do it frequently and don’t touch your face.

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