Garments, Pouches, Shielding,-Conductive Textiles!

Conductive Metalized Textiles-Great Shielding!

Garments, Pouches, Shielding,-Conductive Textiles!

Garments, Pouches, and Shielding-Conductive Textiles!  The uses of conductive fabrics are many and varied.  Originally, the primary use of conductive metalized textiles was RF Shielding, allowing electronic devices to work together smoothly a shared electromagnetic environment.  All electronic devices emit electromagnetic radiation.  Depending on the frequency of the EMI/RFI, electronic devices can work together smoothly.  RF Shielding uses conductive textiles to block the offending frequencies that disturb normal function of a device.  Engineers love the flexibility of conductive textiles in tight spaces and their light weight. These factors are important in achieving better fuel economy.

Garments, Pouches, and Shielding-Conductive Textiles!  Garments made using metalized textiles have several beneficial properties.  The high thermal conductivity of the metals eliminates hot spots and cold spots, providing a uniform temperature throughout the garment, making it very comfortable to wear.  The conductive fabric stimulates circulation, giving the wearer energy and a feeling of relaxation at the same time.  Garments made using conductive textiles also offer protection to the covered areas of the wearer’s body from the ever-increasing RF radiation present in today’s environment.  Conductive textile curtains are useful in telemetry units in hospitals, protecting electronic data from crosstalk.  Sensors gather vital signs from patients and transmit them to recording stations for analysis.

Garments, Pouches, and Shielding-Conductive Textiles!  Pouches and bags designed using conductive textiles prevent wireless access to the devices contained in them.  Government and Law Enforcement agencies use pouches and bags to protect data on devices seized as evidence.  Similarly, businesses protect their intellectual property within the confines of pouches while they travel.  This technology is available to the general public for public use.  These are just a few uses for conductive textiles, how will you use them?

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Garments,Pouches, Shielding-Conductive Textiles!        Garments, Pouches, Shielding-Conductive Textiles!         Garments, Pouches, Shielding-Conductive Textiles!        Garments, Pouches, Shielding-Conductive Textiles!

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