RF Shielded Curtains-many Options!

Security and Efficiency-RF Shielded Curtains!

RF Shielded Curtains-many Options!

RF Shielded Curtains-many Options!  RF Shielded Curtains are known for their work in warehousing and inventory management.  They separate a large room into multiple distinct areas, allowing fast and accurate inventories.  This certainly isn’t the only use for Shielded curtains.  They allow adding a foyer, division, or a room to an RF Shielded Enclosure, creating mor workspace.  Shielded Curtains are important in telemetry areas of hospitals, keeping the patient’s vital signs and medical conditions separate and securely sending them to the proper recording devices.

RF Shielded Curtains-many Options!  RF Shielded Curtains reduce “crosstalk” between adjacent electronic devices that can garble sensitive information during transmission from one device to another.  Another valuable use for Shielded curtains is in architectural shielding, creating a room that is secure from “electronic eavesdropping”.  Governmental and police agencies use these amazing curtains  in their work.

RF Shielded Curtains-many Options!  In today’s “wireless world” the ever-increasing number of individual electronic devices create a large amount of RF interference in our environment.   There is no definitive scientific proof that RF radiation causes sickness or disease.  Nonetheless, many people have concerns about over-exposure to RF radiation.  RF Shielded curtains can reduce the amount of RF radiation in their bedrooms and other areas of their homes, another version of architectural shielding.

RF Shielded Curtains-many Options!   Electronics manufacturers create “RF isolation areas” for final testing of their products for emissions, susceptibility, and other EMC issues in their final products.  The beauty of RF Shielded Curtains is their light weight combined with their Shielding Effectiveness (SE) due to the use of conductive textiles in their manufacturing.  They are available in many sizes and configurations depending on the user’s specific needs.  What use will you find for them?

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RF Shielding Curtains-many Options!                RF Shielded Curtains-many Options!                      RF Shielding Curtains-many Options!

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