Metalized Textiles-What are their Uses?

Metalized Textiles-Perfect Shielding for small Devices!

Metalized Textiles-What are their Uses?

Metalized Textiles-What are their Uses?  Metalized textiles were first used in various Shielding Applications.  I can remember when an automobile FM radio mainly played static!  Metalized textiles played a major role in protecting the radio from RFI from the other electronic components in the vehicle.  The antenna brought in shielded clean signals to the RF shielded radio which were sent out to the speakers, allowing the music to be heard as it was meant to be heard.  The RF shielding industry is still a major user of metalized textiles, capitalizing on their light weight, flexibility, and Shielding Effectiveness to allowing complex electrical devices to work together.

Metalized Textiles-What are their Uses?  Conductive Metalized textiles are used heavily in the medical field.  Sensors monitoring patient vital signs transmit their data to centralized telemetry stations, requiring staff members to monitor the patients.  Additionally, the sensors can monitor if a patient has left their bed.  They can even function as a switches to call help in emergency situations.  Application of therapeutic heat, nerve and muscle stimulation in post-traumatic events are also excellent uses for metalized textiles.

Metalized Textiles-What are their Uses?  Metalized textiles are often useful in security and safety systems.  Additionally, floor, motion, light, and window sensors monitor for intrusion while capacitive touchpads activate and deactivate the security system.  In the criminal justice system, prisoner location tracking (home or in prison) is done with sensors on ankles or wrists.  Similarly, sensors can detect the presence of an unsafe work atmosphere including toxins or low oxygen levels and trigger the alert.

Metalized Textiles-What are their Uses?  One of the more interesting uses of conductive textiles is the ability to embroider circuits in smart textiles and clothing using conductive yarns, eliminating the use of solid metal wires.  Metal wires develop stress fractures over time and fracture, breaking the circuit.  Embroidered circuits using highly conductive yarns are flexible and much more comfortable than actual wires.  Obviously, these are just a few possible uses of metalized textiles.  V Technical Textiles, Inc. has the world’s largest standing inventory of metalized textiles.  Call us for assistance if you need help with a new use for conductive textiles!

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