EMC-Devices Functioning Optimally Together!

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EMC-Devices Functioning Optimally Together!

EMC-Devices Functioning Optimally Together!  Electromagnetic Compatibility means devices can function at their best in a shared environment.  All electronic devices create electromagnetic fields while they are working.  Some components of these RF emissions can potentially interfere with the optimal function of devices.  In the United States, the FCC has regulatory authority over many kinds of consumer electronics.  FCC Standards control what emissions devices can make, and a standard for how much RFI a device must tolerate while operating.  Additionally, there are standards for functional immunity to “electrical phenomena” that can arise under certain conditions.  Many companies market their products in other countries.  EMC Standards also exist in these countries and most companies wisely try to have their products comply with multiple standards.

EMC-Devices Functioning Optimally Together!  In order for an electronic device to be marketed, it must pass a Certification Test at a registered EMC Testing Facility.  The Certification Test is a difficult test to pass, is fairly expensive, and involves a trip to the testing facility.  Many manufacturers follow smart product development practices that include frequent Pre-Compliance EMC testing in their own facilities.  Pre-Compliance Testing actually saves time and money during development, as potential EMC problems can be mitigated during development, eliminating costly “backtracking” and “reworking” to correct them.

EMC-Devices Functioning Optimally Together!  Pre-Compliance Testing requires a low-ambient RF Shielded Enclosure to provide an acceptable EMC testing environment.  Additional required equipment includes:

  1. Real-time spectrum analyzer.
  2. Antenna(s).
  3. Preamplifier.
  4. Antenna tripod.
  5. Cables.
  6. Low ambient noise test environment (RF Shielded Testing Enclosure mentioned above).
  7. Turn table

EMC-Devices Functioning Optimally Together!  V Technical Textiles, Inc. is the world leader in soft sided RF Shielded Testing Enclosures.  As mentioned above, these enclosures can help prepare your product for Final EMC Compliance testing during development in your facility.  The enclosures and equipment are available for lease, rental, and purchase.  The beauty of this solution is that the enclosures are easily assembled for testing use, but able to be disassembled and stored when not being used for testing.  Most of our Testing enclosures are custom designed and fabricated for our customer’s specific needs.  Small or large, we can design the right enclosure for you!

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