Compatibility-Succeeding by Working together!

Pre-Compliance EMC Testing-Worth the Time!

Compatibility-Succeeding by Working together!

Compatibility-Succeeding by Working together!  I have forty years of experience of operating a dental practice.  Dentistry is full of Type A personalities.  Type A personalities tend to clash much of the time, the resulting tension makes working in the same environment difficult at times due to personality differences.  In a shared electromagnetic environment, the same clashing can occur.  All electronic devices emit RF radiation, if the radiation present in the environment allows the devices to work optimally, the devices are compatible.  Compatible devices work together well, achieving their desired goals.  If the RF emission of one or more devices interferes with the other devices, the efficiency and results begin to decrease.

Compatibility-Succeeding by Working together!  In the human workplace, counseling can help the employees work together smoothly. In order to keep electronic devices working together smoothly, the amount of offensive RF interference must decrease.  Each individual component of the device can do its job well, but if the emissions of the group result in an “unhealthy” shared electromagnetic environment, the “air must be cleared” of the RF Interference resulting in a productive work environment.  In the electronic shared environment, the “counseling” is RF Shielding!

Compatibility-Succeeding by Working together!  RF shielding is blocking the offending RF interference from reaching the affected device.  Conductive metalized textiles are excellent shielding materials.  They cover the susceptible device, blocking the offending RF interference from reaching the device, working as a “bulletproof vest”.  Alternatively, the conductive textiles surround the “emitter”, blocking the release of the offending RFI to the shared electromagnetic environment.  Engineers love conductive textiles for their light weight and adaptability!  If RF Shielding is what you need for your new product, call us to find the solution!

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Compatibility-Succeeding by Working together!             Compatibility- Succeeding by Working together! Together!              Compatibility-Succeeding by Working together!

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