Metalized Textiles- many Diverse Applications!

Metalized Conductive Textile Sensors Versatile!

Metalized Textiles- many Diverse Applications!

Metalized Textiles-many Diverse Applications!  Metalized Textiles are much more than the decorative materials they began as!  They are an important part of the Tapestry of technical innovation.  These materials, consisting of textiles combined with metals, have become major players in modern engineering.  They have seamlessly become integral parts in an array of industries.  Today’s sensors use metalized textiles, taking advantage of their conductivity, becoming conduits for gathering, transmitting and interpreting data of all kinds.  They have also become a form of armor, protecting our sensitive electronic equipment from electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radiofrequency interference (RFI), allowing them to function optimally. In a similar way, they protect our private information from being accessed, compromised, stolen, or tampered with by wireless methods, by creating Secure Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIF).

Metalized Textiles-many Diverse Applications!  Smart clothing, the marriage of fashion and technology owes much of its ingenuity to metalized textiles.  From interactive garments embedded sensors to clothing that serves as a switchboard for various electronic devices, they have ushered in a new era of wearable technology, keeping us aware of and in constant touch with the world around us at all times.

Metalized Textiles-many Diverse Applications!  Capacitive witches work with a mere touch of a finger, producing immediate response.   Similarly, car seats warm or cool passengers in the same way, making rides more comfortable than ever.  These switches also monitor passenger safety, alerting the driver to unsafe conditions such as unbuckled seatbelts or doors that are ajar.  These tireless sensors are always alert, even if the passengers aren’t.  Metalized Textiles are part of the complex fabric of our daily lives, enhancing our experiences and increasing options of what’s possible in the future!

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Metalized Textiles many Diverse Applications!           Industrial Metalized Textile Applications!          Metalized Textiles many Diverse Applications!

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