Pre-Compliance Testing-great Development Tool!

Soft-Sided RF Shielded Enclosures-Versatile Testing Enviroments!

Pre-Compliance Testing-great Development Tool!

Pre-Compliance Testing-great Development Tool!   The same is true in electronic product development.  All new electronic products must pass EMC Compliance tests to determine their ability to function properly in our device rich world.    Every device emits an electromagnetic field and every device has to work flawlessly in the same shared electromagnetic environment.  RFI/EMI emissions can affect the device’s performance.  There are RFI/EMI emission standards for every class of device so that they don’t adversely affect the other devices in the same environment.

Pre-Compliance Testing-great Development Tool!  During product development, it’s important to perform Pre-Compliance Testing on the device frequently to ensure that it’s not emitting RFI/EMI outside of the acceptable standard.  It is just as important to test that the device is not susceptible to RFI and EMI emissions that are within the acceptable range.  The device must also be “immune” to electromagnetic phenomena, either from its line connections or radiated from nearby devices.  Failure of any of these tests requires modification of the product design to correct the issue that causes the failure.

Pre-Compliance Testing-great Development Tool!  Testing during development allows correction of the issues before moving on with product development.  This is far better than finishing development and having to “backtrack” step by step until the issue is resolved.  Using this valuable development tool throughout development greatly increases the probability of passing the EMC Final Compliance Test on the first try.  Obviously, Pre-Compliance EMC Testing has advantages.  The equipment for Pre-Compliance EMC Testing consists of: a real time spectrum analyzer, an RF Shielded Enclosure, a pre-amplifier, antenna with tripod and cables, turntable, and Pre-Compliance software. readily available for purchase, lease, or rent.  Contact us if you are interested in this great tool!

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Pre-Compliance Testing-great Development Tool!                                   Pre-Compliance Testing-Great Tool!                              Pre-Compliance Testing-great Development Tool!

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