Testing for EMC, Plan for Future needs Now!

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Testing for EMC, Plan for Future needs Now!

Testing for EMC, Plan for Future needs Now!  The business year is coming to a close. A New Year is just around the corner!  Now is the time to plan for next year’s needs!  Your products, testing standards, and materials are going to change.  Time waits for no one; it marches steadily forward.  The general types of EMC testing will remain the same:

  • Emissions– The amount of RFI that the Device Under Testing (DUT) is allowed to emit may decrease.  A Shielding solution may be required for your product to keep the working environment up to standard.
  • Susceptibility– Your device must be able to function optimally in its environment.  RF Interference from other devices could adversely affect your product’s function.  If testing determines your device is susceptible to acceptable RFI, a light weight Shielding solution using our Conductive Fabrics may block your device from this RF Interference.
  • Immunity– Immunity is the ability of the DUT to function well despite exposure to electromagnetic phenomena.  These phenomena can include:  Magnetic Fields, Voltage Drops, Voltage Surges, Conducted, Radiated, Electrostatic, and Electrical Fast Transient.  Shielding Solutions can be applied to make your device “immune”.

EMC testing is very expensive when conducted at testing centers.  Performing Pre-Compliance EMC testing is the best way to develop a new product.  Doing Testing “Early and Often” during development allows early problem mitigation!  EMC Testing is often done in portable RF Shielded Enclosures.  Fabricated of Conductive Textiles to create a Faraday Cage Effect”, These Enclosures provide the “low ambient RF” conditions required for EMC Testing.  Doing tests at your own facility greatly reduces development costs.  The Final Compliance Testing is often “one and done”, saving time and money at Testing Centers!

V Technical Textiles, Inc. is the world leader in portable RF Shielded Enclosures.  Although our enclosures are available in standard sizes, most of our enclosures are designed specifically to the needs of our customers.  Contact us for more information about our RF Shielded Enclosures.  We can also design custom Shielding Solutions to mitigate problems.

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