Electronic Vehicles- Developmental Growing Pains!

Roles for Conductive Textiles in Electronic Vehicles!

Electronic Vehicles- Developmental Growing Pains!

Electronic Vehicles-Developmental Growing Pains!  The benefits of Electronic Vehicles (EVs)are terrific, lower emissions lead the list of benefits.  Despite the benefits, consumers have some areas to be concerned with.  One of the most frequent owner concerns is range per charge.  This anxiety lies in the difficulty of finding a suitable charging station.  Currently, there is no “standard plug” configuration for charging EVs.  Conversely, the Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) is fueled from pumps with a universal nozzle that fits all gas tanks.  Filling a car with gasoline takes minutes, charging an EV can take from 15 minutes to hours.  Uniform charging standards, including plugs and the speed of charging will remedy this problem in time.

Electronic Vehicles-Developmental Growing pains.  EV batteries are another area of customer concern.  The batteries are sensitive to temperature extremes.  In low temperature conditions, the vehicle’s charge range is decreased.  High temperatures can cause premature battery degradation.  Development of a method of keeping the battery at a uniform temperature during operation will help abate this issue.  EVs are eleven times less likely to catch on fire than ICE vehicles, and the fires are slow in spreading, allowing more time for passengers to escape.  Sadly, the fires are harder to put out, requiring larger quantities of water or even a special fire extinguisher to put the fire out.

Electronic Vehicles-Developmental Growing Pains!  EVs are quite a bit more expensive than ICE vehicles at this time.  The reasons for this are:  car companies trying to recoup research and development costs, lack of incentives for purchase, and costly battery packs.  EVs don’t emit “carbon footprint”.   However, the power plants providing electricity to charge EVs do, making EVs not as green as we hoped they would be!  Despite these “developmental growing pains”, the EVs will be “car of the future”!

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Electronic Vehicles-Growing Pains    Electric Vehicles Developmental Growing Pains  Electronic Vehicles-Developmental Growing Pains!


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  • Mike Reply

    Nice information. I believe an EV is in my future, particularly as I seldom drive more than 75-100 miles on any particular day.

    July 27, 2022 at 9:58 am

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