Product Development-use Pre-Compliance Testing!

RF Shielded Enclosure's Roles in Technology!

Product Development-use Pre-Compliance Testing!

Product Development-use Pre-Compliance Testing!  Product development in the electronics industry is very difficult!  EMC Standards must be met depending on product type and its function.  When the product is complete, it needs to pass the Final EMC Compliance Testing at a registered facility in order to be marketed.  This exam is all-inclusive, touching on the entire device.  It’s best practice to perform Pre-Compliance testing on the device during development.  This stepwise practice eliminates the need for back tracking to find multiple problems that have been incorporated into the device.  Pre-Compliance testing saves both time and money during development.

Product Development-use Pre-Compliance Testing!  Electromagnetic Compatibility is all about the shared Electromagnetic environment of the device.  Many of the problems that Pre-Compliance Testing detects are excessive RFI emissions by a component or susceptibility to RFI emissions of other components in the device.  These two issues are usually solvable by applying Shielding Solutions.  When a device is emitting RFI that doesn’t meet applicable standards, it is an “emitter”.  The shielding solution is often wrapping the component with a conductive metalized textile blocking the RFI from leaving the “emitter” and making the electromagnetic environment compliant to standard.

Product Development-Use Pre-Compliance Testing!  On the other hand, if a component is “susceptible” to RFI that meets appliable standards, the shielding solution involves wrapping the component with the appropriate conductive metalized textiles to block the offending RFI from affecting the susceptible device.  Pre-Compliance Testing during development prepares your device for working to its optimal capability.  Your product will become a part of the device, working efficiently in a shared electromagnetic environment.  Learn more about this method of preparing your product for marketing, contact VTT today to learn the value of Pre-Compliance Testing!

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Product Development-use Pre-Compliance Testing!     Product Development-use Pre-Compliance Testing!     Product Development-use Pre-Compliance Testing!

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