EMC Compliance Testing-what’s the Point?

Pre-Compliance EMC Testing-Benefits Abound!

EMC Compliance Testing-what’s the Point?

EMC Compliance Testing-what’s the Point?  Every electronic device must pass EMC Compliance Testing to make it to the market!  The reason for this requirement is to lessen the amount of RFI/ EMI in our environment.  More importantly, it is to lessen the RFI and EMI in our environment that adversely affects the function of other devices present in the shared electromagnetic environment.  All electronic devices emit RFI/EMI.  In general, electromagnetic interference doesn’t cause a decrease in function of the devices that emit it.  Given the increase of electronic devices in today’s society, it is important to have standards of RFI/EMI emissions that prohibit emissions in excess of the standards, making it easier for devices to function optimally.

EMC Compliance Testing-what’s the Point?  The point is to avoid allowing emissions that will decrease the functionality of other devices.  Testing is the only way to find the devices that exceed the acceptable amount of emissions and ordering corrective measures that will decrease emissions into the acceptable range.  Similarly, devices are also tested to determine if they are capable of functioning optimally in a “healthy” standard environment.  If tests determine that the device can’t function optimally in a healthy electromagnetic environment, design corrections can restore optimal function.

EMC Compliance Testing-what’s the Point?  Typically, the corrections involve a “Shielding Solution“, either protecting the device from RFI/EMI emissions it is susceptible to or blocking its emissions that are causing problems for other devices in its area.  Emission Shielding Solutions involve the use of conductive fabrics, blocking excessive emissions from the device. Susceptibility Shielding solutions protect the device from emissions that decrease its performance.  Obviously, the point of EMC Compliance Testing is about creating and sustaining a stable electromagnetic environment!

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EMC Compliance Testing-what's the Point?   Conductive Textiles     EMC Compliance Testing-what's the Point?    RF Interference-Controlled by Shielding!   EMC Compliance Testing-what's the Point?


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