VTT New Look-the same Quality!

Portable RF Shielded Enclosures-Great for Testing!

VTT New Look-the same Quality!

VTT New Look-the same Quality!  In the next few months, you will see a change in our Logo and our branding.  We feel that it’s time to modernize our look and brand identity as we move into the future.  More importantly, we want to reposition ourselves in keeping with the new challenges that are always emerging in the business world.  It is important that our brand stands out clearly and continues to be a hallmark of excellence.  With major changes coming to our online shopping site, online purchases and delivery will be both easier and more efficient for our customers.

VTT New Look-the same Quality.  We will continue to seek out the best employees to work in our manufacturing areas.  Our history of making quality products and providing excellent in person customer service will always remain our primary goal.  Most of our products are custom made, tailored to meet the specific needs of our customers.  Similarly, working in concert with Shieldex, our European partner in textile design and construction, continues to drive our business forward.  Our Research and Development group will continue to work with customers in designing new products.  The creation of revolutionary new textiles with characteristics such as flame-retardant fabrics and protective coatings is our passion.

VTT New Look-the same Quality.  Innovation is a strong point for VTT. We are constantly seeking to find new uses for the conductive metalized textiles that we sell and use in manufacturing our products.  Though our look is changing, VTT will always make the needs of our customers our first priority.  Come grow with us!

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