Relax in Protective Comfort-Silverell!

Relax in Protective Comfort-Silverell!

Relax in Protective Comfort-Silverell!

Relax in Protective Comfort-Silverell!  Winter is a cold season, and it’s nice to relax in comfortable Silverell® Wellness Garments.  Garments made of Silverell® are comfortable due to the thermal conductivity of Silver, the most conductive element!  What makes these garments comfortable is the conductivity of the silver in the yarn taking your natural body heat and balancing it evenly thought the garment, eliminating “hot spots” and “cold spots”, creating one comfortable temperature.  The resulting comfort from the warmth and the softness of the fabric has its roots in science.  The electrically conductive fabric increases blood circulation, giving you energy when you feel tired, but still creating a feeling of wellness.

Relax in Protective Comfort-Silverell!  We as human beings, are electronic devices of a sort and feel the best when our electrical body processes are in balance.  A positive feeling of clarity, confidence, and relaxation at the same time!  Silver has long been known as a wound dressing, comforting and healing minor cuts, scrapes and burns.  Silver also protects us in another way.  Humans are electrical devices, and electrical devices don’t function the best when they are under the effect of RFI and EMI.  Our environment has ever-increasing levels of RFI and EMI due to natural and man-made causes, resulting in more human exposure.   Sensitivity to EMI and RFI has been given the name Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS), though its existence is disputed.

Relax in Protective Comfort-Silverell!   Silver plated fabric is useful to “shield” electrical devices from RFI and EMI and increasing their performance.  Our Silverell® garments made with silver plated yarn provide RF Shielding Effectiveness against RFI and EMI of 35-40 dB from 900 MHz-5GHz, showing a 99.99% reduction of RF radiation to the covered portions of the wearer!

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Relax in Protective Comfort-Silverell!              Relax in Protective Comfort-Silverell!

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