E-Smog, a New Presence by a “True Original” Participant in the RF/EMI Shielded Clothing Market!

E-Smog, a New Presence by a “True Original” Participant in the RF/EMI Shielded Clothing Market!


E-Smog, one of the original brands in RF/EMI Shielded Clothing, is returning to the market with some new styles.  You are able to test the Shielding Effectiveness (SE) of the garments using RF meters and various other methods of testing.  Though there are many different testing methods available, one fact remains constant.  No matter what method of testing is used, there is a surprising difference in the level of RF/EMI exposure between no coverage (bare skin), coverage with regular clothing, and coverage with shielded clothing made of metalized textiles.  Clothing made of these materials is most effective when it covers a high percentage of the skin, leaving only a little skin exposed.  There are hooded scarves, baklavas, hoodies, shirts, pants, gloves, socks, and underwear available, ensuring the ability to cover nearly all of the body surface.

Silver is the metal used in E-Smog Garments, and it is one of the best shielding metals (the others are copper, aluminum, and mylar).  It is important to consider the body parts that are most sensitive to RF/EMI interference (the ears, the eyes, and the testes), and pick the clothing articles that will protect these areas.  Most metal containing fabrics are also great conductors of thermal energy and will tend to spread body heat out evenly over the surface of the garment, making the garment very pleasing to the wearer.  The fabrics that are metal plated are also very soft, so garments made from these fabrics are also extremely comfortable to wear.  Silver is a great metal for shielding garments, especially due to its natural antibacterial/anti-odor properties, which make it a great material for undergarments (tee shirts, underwear, and socks).

The proper care for this type of clothing is important in keeping the Shielding Effectiveness (SE) of the metalized textiles at its best.  We recommend TexCare®, very mild detergents, and cool water temperatures (body temperature 98.6°F/37°C or below) for washing these fabrics.  The most important thing to avoid in washing is any Chlorine/bleach containing cleansers as the chlorine will react with the Silver and metallic threads used in these garments, lowering the Shielding Effectiveness (SE) of the fabric.

In short, garments with shielding material in them do provide some degree of protection from RF and EMI.  The level of this protection is sometimes hard to determine exactly, but there is no doubt that these clothes provide us some protection from an invisible source of energy.  To learn more about RF Shielded clothing and connect to our online store.

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