Conductivity Rules in Smart Clothing-Create the Path of Least Resistance!

Embroidered Conductivity and Connectivity-"Wireless Wires"!

Conductivity Rules in Smart Clothing-Create the Path of Least Resistance!

Conductivity rules in smart clothing-create the path of least resistance!  In the near future, nearly all of our clothes will be smart.  Smart clothing is made of fabrics that allow digital components, sensors, connections, and power to be incorporated in them.  These components allow the clothing to assist the wearer in daily activity.   They can monitor body systems, facilitate communication, incorporate lighting and heating and environmental conditions for safety and comfort.  The key to all of this is electrical conductivity.

Conductivity rules in smart clothing, and was an early obstacle to smart clothing.  Conventional wires and batteries did not pass the test of time.  They also failed due to stress fracture, or for comfort issues.  The major issue was to find a comfortable, reliable conductor.

Conductivity rules in smart clothing.  Silver is the most conductive element, the question was how to incorporate it into a textile form.   The answer came about when it became possible to plate thread with 99% pure silver in 1985.  This created a highly electrically and thermally conductive thread.  These threads have been greatly improved over the years.  Shieldex® Madeira® HC 12 and Shieldex®Madeira® HC 40 are two High Conductive (HC) threads.  These threads have a special twist and special coating, allowing their use in sewing machines and embroidery machines.  The thread is flexible, light weight, skin friendly and comfortable.  It is now possible to make low resistance connections, a true path of least resistance!

Stud Connector Attached to Embroidered “Wire”                                             Layering to Decrease Resistance

Conductive Circuit                                                Conductive Thread

Conductivity rules in smart clothing and Silver Plated threads create the path of least resistance.  Multiple passes with the sewing machine or embroidery will lower the resistance.  Circuits can be traced into the surface of the smart clothing.  Electrodes and Sensors can be specifically embroidered to monitor bodily function.  Antennae can be placed for communication or GPS.  This technology can be used in Military, Medical, and Industrial areas, as well as sportswear, home textiles, and fashion applications.

Conductive Circuit                                                                      Conductive Connection

LED Lighting Circuits                                                                                                  CPU Attached to Sensors

Shieldex®Madeira® HC 12 and Shieldex®Madeira® HC 40 may very well be the answer you’re looking for if you want to create sewn or embroidered circuits using the Silver Plated path of least resistance!  Contact us by phone or shop our online store if you are interested in these great threads offered by Shieldex!

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Conductive Threads                                                   Conduction                                              Conduction Thread

Shieldex® Madeira® HC 12                                    Shieldex® Madeira                                Shieldex® Madeira® HC 40

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