Top Five Reasons for Wearing Anti-Radiation Clothing!

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Top Five Reasons for Wearing Anti-Radiation Clothing!

You may have heard of Anti-Radiation Clothing… and the exposures that it deals with are certainly getting more prevalent.. This guide will help you understand what it is and why it is becoming increasingly necessary:

1. Protection from the “Natural Environment”

Believe it or not, today’s “Natural Environment” is more full of naturally generated Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) than ever! EMR is produced naturally by the sun, our atmosphere (the auroras), and the earth itself as low level electromagnetic fields.  Unless we are “shielded” from EMR, we are naturally exposed to this all day, every day.  Anti-Radiation Clothing contains shielding materials that block the passage of EMR to the covered areas of our bodies.  While we can’t avoid all exposure, the goal of wearing Anti-Radiation Clothing is to decrease our exposure.

2. Protection from “Human Generated” EMR

“Human Generated” Electromagnetic Radiation is currently being produced at record levels, increasing the  naturally occurring levels of EMR.  The primary sources of the EMR are electronic devices, which are more prevalent than ever!  Common man-made sources of EMR include:  wireless/cellular telephones, radios, TVs, radar, satellites, microwave ovens, computers, and WiFi networks.  Again, wearing garments with Radio Frequency shielding materials will cut down on the exposure to EMR.

3. Protection from the Work Environment

In many places, today’s work environment is potentially a high-risk environment for exposure to EMR.  A simple view of this is that most offices have many of the electronic devices mentioned above, including: computers, copiers, WiFi networks, telephones, and screen/display exposure.  Basic Anti-Radiation Clothing can also cover this risk well. Take one step further to people who work on high tension wires, cellular towers, and radar installations and there is a potential for serious EMR exposure.  VTT fabricates a Shieldex® Multiprotective RF Suit to protect workers in a high RF Exposure work environment.

4. Reproductive Cell Protection / Pregnancy and Infant Protection

Reproductive Cell Protection/Pregnancy Protection and Infant protection from EMR reflect potential issues and applications.  For the mother to be, there are maternity clothes made with shielding materials and elastic bands that contain shielding materials to wrap around the abdomen to protect the baby from exposure. Men carry their cell phones in their front pocket and cell phones do have electromagnetic fields.  To protect the testes, there are Anti-Radiation Pocket sleeves for your cell phone to wear to protect this area, as well as underwear knitted with threads containing shielding material to prevent exposure.  Baby clothes, blankets, and hoods can protect “the new addition” from exposure to excessive EMR.

5. “An Ounce of Prevention…”

Remember that phrase “an ounce of protection is better than a pound of cure”?  That may certainly apply here. It is better to prevent any of the potential symptoms  of Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS) including:  headaches, stress, fatigue, sleep disturbances, skin prickling, burning sensations and rashes, pain and ache in muscles among many others, by wearing shielding clothing than it is to try to cure it.  Not everyone is susceptible to EHS, but the symptoms are hard to treat once they have taken hold of the victim of this syndrome.

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