“Develop” EMC with Pre-Compliance Testing!

Pre-Compliance EMC Testing-Worth the Time!

“Develop” EMC with Pre-Compliance Testing!

“Develop” EMC with Pre-Compliance Testing!  If you’re developing new electronic product, you know that it must pass Final EMC Compliance Testing enabling it to go to market.  Many companies develop the product testing it for EMC compliance after development.  This method means that multiple areas may fail the costly Final EMC Compliance test, requiring “backtracking” through developmental steps to determine the reason(s) for failure and re-test the product repeatedly until it passes.  This can be a frustrating proposition, requiring multiple testing sessions until the product passes the test.  There is a better method available that is likely to save time and money getting the product to market.

“Develop” EMC with Pre-Compliance Testing!  Performing Pre-Compliance EMC Testing early and often during development in your own facility, correcting any EMC issues along the way to completing the product.  Pre-Compliance EMC Testing is much less expensive than Final Compliance Testing at a registered testing facility.  The equipment necessary for Pre-Compliance Testing includes: an RF Shielded Enclosure, a Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer, a calibrated Antenna with Tripod, cables, EMC Software, and a turntable.  These materials are readily available for purchase, rent, or lease, depending on the frequency of your testing.  V Technical Textiles, Inc. custom fabricates RF Shielded testing enclosures using conductive textiles specific to our customer’s needs.

“Develop” EMC with Pre-Compliance Testing!  Pre-Compliance EMC testing is “best practice” for preparing your product for Final EMC Compliance Testing during development.  If product development follows this logical flow, Final EMC Compliance Testing is very likely to be a “one and done” test, almost a sure win!  Please c0ntact us if you are interested in performing Pre-Compliance EMC Testing in your facility to prepare your device for Final EMC Compliance Testing.

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Develop EMC into your Product with Pre-Compliance EMC Testing!        Develop EMC into your Product with Pre-Compliance EMC Testing!    Develop EMC into your Product with Pre-Compliance EMC Testing!     Pre-Compliance EMC Testing-Smart Preparation!

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