Rack Systems protect your Server’s Data!

Rack Systems Protect your Server's Data!

Rack Systems protect your Server’s Data!

Rack Systems protect your Server’s Data!  We live in a “wireless world”, so many transactions take place over the airwaves!  That’s a nice convenience of living in a digital world!  Life is simpler when we can take care of so many of our responsibilities without leaving home.  That ease comes with a potential cost.  There are many people who “earn” their livings by stealing or misappropriating digital information.  We often hear of people who have had terrible experiences such as illicit money transfers and identity thefts.  A breach of your business server can result in severe liabilities to your company and its future.

Rack Systems protect your Server’s Data!  Many businesses engage cyber security companies to help them to make their server room difficult to hack.  A great way to protect your server from unauthorized wireless access is using RF Shielded Rack Systems enclosing your servers.  RF Waves are a major source of accessing and using wireless devices.   Rack Systems are enclosures built using conductive metalized textiles.  RF waves are unable to cross the boundaries of the enclosures, blocking the unwanted access to the data inside the server.  Enclosing the server room itself with conductive textile wallpaper, known as architectural shielding, will further secure your stored data.

Rack Systems protect your Server’s Data!  You will have full access by hardwire means to your data and the data can be kept from tampering and theft by “cable crosstalk” by use of cable sheaths and various filtered connections.  Whether you choose a Rack System with Ventilation or an architecturally shielded room, you are taking positive steps in protecting yourself and your clients from data theft and tampering.  Contact us to select the right data protection for you!

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  Rack Systems Protect your Server's Data!                                                     Rack Systems protect your Server's Data!                                             Rack Systems Protect your Server's Data!

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