Conductivity, Flexibility, and Durability-TPU Yarn!

Conductivity, Flexibility, Durability-TPU Yarn!"!

Conductivity, Flexibility, and Durability-TPU Yarn!

Conductivity, Flexibility, and Durability-TPU Yarn!  We usually think of metallic wires to carry current in electronics.  When we talk about smart clothing, metal wire has many drawbacks.   Flexibility is very important in clothing, people move in many directions, wire doesn’t!  Wire is great with conductivity, but not great at repetitive flexing!  In fact, constant flexing causes stress cracks and failure of metal wires, which is not acceptable in smart clothing. Clothing has to move smoothly and comfortably, paralleling the movement of the wearer.  That isn’t a possibility with wire, but it certainly is a possible with yarn!

Conductivity, Flexibility, and Durability-TPU Yarn!  Metalized yarns are yarns plated with 99.9% pure Silver, the most conductive element.  These yarns are highly conductive, just like solid metal wires and can be flexed repeatedly without showing any signs of stress cracks or failure.  Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) provides complete insulation for the “yarn wire”, making it a “wire” that can be useful in smart clothing and pairs well with the yarn’s natural flexibility.  The TPU also protects the yarn from repeated washing and other traumatic damaging influences.  Overnight, TPU Yarn became much more than wiring for smart clothing.  TPU Yarn found an immediate following by being useful to hobbyists, engineers, and a spectrum of different types of users.

Conductivity, Flexibility, Durability-TPU Yarn!  TPU Yarn is very user-friendly.  Multiple means of electrical connectivity, including circuit boards, conductive pins, even to other conductive fabrics!  TPU Yarn transmits data, power, and low voltage current.  Connectivity and high conductivity is what TPU Yarn is all about! Do you see TPU Yarn fitting into your future product needs?  A TPU Trial Kit is available to let you see how it will work in your hands.

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