V Technical Textiles, Inc. Named “Business of the Year” by Newark Chamber of Commerce!

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V Technical Textiles, Inc. Named “Business of the Year” by Newark Chamber of Commerce!

V Technical Textiles, Inc. has been named “2019 Business of the Year” in Newark, New York for 2019.   The award was given at the Newark Chamber of Commerce’s Annual Dinner at the Elks Lodge on November 14, 2019.  VTT is a thirteen year old Economically Disadvantaged Woman Owned Small Business, owned by Jeanne Hoge.  Jeanne’s  husband, William Hoge, is the company’s Chief Technical Officer, her son, Shawn DeCook, is the company’s Operations Manager, and her daughter, Heather Bushart, is the Human Resource Assistant.  The company distributes conductive yarns, threads, and metalized textiles in the United States and internationally.  They also manufacture shielded testing enclosures using these unique textiles, mostly for use in testing electronic products for RFI and EMI in the Automotive, Aerospace, Communications, Law Enforcement, and Military sectors.

VTT made a major investment in the Newark area earlier this year when they purchased the Saint Michael’s School, which had been closed since 2011, in July.  They recognized the building’s great structural potential for use in their business.   They felt it was worth saving the existing structure, and keeping their business in downtown Newark, rather than building a new structure outside of the village.  They have been remodeling the building to suit their purposes since the purchase and are going to “make the final move” to the building very soon.  VTT also plans to continue the proud tradition of the Saint Michael’s School by using a part of the building as a “learning center”, working in cooperation with the Newark School District and FLCC to stimulate student interest in this growing area of technology.

VTT also plans to expand its workforce, and enhance its Research and Development area, resulting in expansion of their product lines.  VTT is very honored to have been awarded this recognition, and feels that the Newark area is growing, vibrant, and an excellent place to live and operate a business.

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