The Reverberation Chamber is a very useful Tool in Automotive Testing!

The Advantages of Reverberation Chambers!

The Reverberation Chamber is a very useful Tool in Automotive Testing!

The Reverberation Chamber is a very useful Tool in Automotive Testing!

The Reverberation Chamber is a very useful tool in Automotive Testing.  This is especially true in the ElectroMagnetic Compatibility (EMC) area.  Automotive Industry is constantly increasing its EMC standards.  The tests in the Automotive Industry are the ISO 114 52-2, CISPR-25, and the EN 61000-4-21 tests.  United States based vehicle manufacturers market their vehicles worldwide, so these standards are always incorporated in their basic company standards.

These standards are increasing in preparation for  the autonomous automobile.  The autonomous Automobile will be loaded with electronic devices.  The devices will include sensors, robust computers, radar, lidar, GPS systems, and many others.  These devices allow the automobile to make decisions faster than the human brain.  Anything that interferes in these decisions could have catastrophic consequences.  In order to make sure that these devices don’t interfere with each other, tests must be carried out to make sure each component can contribute to the operation of the car, free from “distraction”.  The Reverberation Chamber is the ideal tool for Automotive EMC testing.

The Reverberation Chamber is a very useful tool in Automotive testing in the Immunity Testing area.  A Reverberation Chamber is an electromagnetic shielded room.  The shielded walls will absorb minimal ElectroMagnetic Energy due to the reflective nature of the shielding material.  This allows the creation of very high strength homogenous electromagnetic field in the 80 MHz-6 GHz range inside the Reverberation Chamber with only moderate power input.   The strength of the field is measured in kV/m in the Reverberation Chamber.  There are three modes for reverberation or stirring:

  1. Frequency Stirring.
  2. Mode Stirring-Using a paddle stirrer inside the chamber.
  3. Boundary Stirring-Vibrating the walls of the chamber

Immunity Testing involves subjecting the Device Under Testing (DUT) to high field strength, to determine if function of the device is impaired.  If the device performance is affected, a shielding solution must be applied to make the device immune to RFI in this range.

The Reverberation Chamber is also very useful tool in Automotive EMC testing in the Emission Testing area.  The DUT is operated in the Reverberation Chamber, its RF Emissions are compared to standards.  If the emissions are above acceptable standards, mitigation with a shielding solution is indicated.

The Reverberation Chamber is also used to measure/test the Shielding Effectiveness(SE) of the vehicle.  This test determines whether structural shielding of the vehicle is adequate.  The vehicle has to have a “noise profile” measured from the outside of the vehicle that is at or below the standard to pass the test.  V Technical Textiles, Inc. carries a large line of lightweight flexible metalized textiles ideal for for Automotive Shielding solutions.

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